Calm Network keys


Calm Network Operation.

You may have many years of experience but do you really know the effects you can have on

your network? 

Calm Network Training is now being introduced by the major water companies to give an understanding of the causes and impact of transient surge on the water network (The causes of surge, water hammer, shock waves and trapped air).  The Key aims to provide training and assessment of acceptable levels of competence when operating valves on the water network whilst minimising the risk of damage and disruption to supplies.  Education on the use of tools and technology associated with valve operation

To complement this training the Calm key has been designed.

Calm Keys and associated ear pieces are now available direct from the manufacturer.

Designed for any operatives of the water networks such as Network Technicians, Leakage Inspectors and Repair & Maintenance Contractors but not just limited to them as this can be extended to all who operate hydrants for example private supply operators, Fire & rescue services etc. 

Calm Network Key  Our keys in action !   CalmuseKey in Action