Recently a customer broke a stop tap handle off, underground in a grave yard.

I tried every tool I had to turn tap but to no avail. I then spent a few hours searching on line for a suitable tool and had  just about given up ,when I came across your site

I ordered a broken stop tap key spindle grip and spring grip yesterday.

They arrived today , I was not too confident they would work. Tried the spindle grip and straight away I managed to move the tap spindle. 

Thank you for Your prompt service and I’m impressed by the amount of unusual tools you keep that you would not find in a merchant or other similar company web sites.


I was wary of spending money on tools that I would only probably need very rarely. Looking back through the years the cost is nothing compared to the problems these tools could have saved on some of the previous jobs i have encountered and the time and frustration resolving them.


I don't normally email companies, but it's the weekend now and now I  don't have to worry about digging a great big hole in the grave yard  next week, to replace the stop tap.

( for obvious reasons)

Thank you again


 Clive smith