About Aquacheck

Aquacheck Engineering's expertise in manufacturing extends over 40 years.
Specialising in the water utility sector, we are the manufacturers of an ever expanding range of backflow prevention devices, better known as
The formation of the
AQUA-CHECK Division permits it to concentrate solely on the design and manufacture of high specification non-return valves and tooling for the water industry and Fire Protection Services.

The further expansion of cast non-return valves of reflux design, specialising in high flow/low noise applications, is proof of the increasing market penetration of the AQUA-CHECK range of valves.

Whatever your requirements for check, non-return valves or water tools,

 AQUA-CHECK will have the answer to the product you are looking for.

This British company has always put quality control as a company priority. As you would expect, our company has its documented quality system (DQS) approved to ISO9001.

A bespoke product service is also available for customers requiring modifications or alterations to our standard tool lines.